Should The Youth Play FootBall?

Is It worth the risk?


The room is spinning. A feeling takes over you, pain. You have a concussion.

According to the very year just about 36% of football players get concussions because of hard blows to the head. About 100,000 people die per year going back into football after a concussion. Not many people realize the risk of playing football, with this in mind, here is why football shouldn't be played by youth.

The Risk

There are many risks that come with playing football. When a person gets tackled and bangs their head on the ground, it's a good chance they have a concussion. "Concussions can cause memory problems, confusion, nausea, and vomiting." As bad as it sounds that is not the worst part, concussions mess with your mind. It will be harder to understand things in general. In some cases it leads the brain to thinking wrong things, which can lead to people,sadly, committing suicide. If a player who already got a concussion before continues to play football, it becomes a more deadly risk. At that point " Even a small jolt can cause permanent damage." The damages can become fatal, such as instant death, being put in a coma, and other deadly brain injuries.


Under those circumstances, from the concussions and there side effects to the chances of death or a lifetime of pain. These were the reasons why football shouldn't be played by the youth.