A platypus is an Australian egg laying mammal

By Felicity 3D

The Platypus is mainly found in the East Coast of Australia from Cape York in Queensland down to Victoria and Tasmania. It mostly likes to live in creeks, rivers, billabongs and lakes. Platypuses have a long grey beak that they use to burrow into the ground with and soft brown fur. The length of the female is approximately 43cm and the length of the male is approximately 50cm. The weight of the female is approximately 0.7-1.6kg and the weight of the male is approximately 1.2-2.6kg. There are only three platypus species. Platypus like to eat worms, yabbies, mayflies, beetles, water bugs, fish eggs and small frogs. They reproduce via laying their eggs and then burying them so that they can hatch without being attacked by any predators. Predators include feral dogs and feral cats. Platypuses lick a patch of their mothers skin for milk. An Interesting fact about a platypus is that the oldest age recorded is 32 years. Platypus are also threatened by pollution and boat propellers.

In conclusion platypuses are one of only two egg-laying monotremes in the world.