Greek Immigration

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When did the Greek arrive?

One of the largest Greek immigration group of the twentieth century began in 1880. By the early 1900's more than 350,000 Greek immigrants were living in the United States.

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Why did Greeks come to the United States?

-Poor economic conditions

- 19th/early 20th allowing many unskilled jobs where opened up great for Greek immigrants

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Jobs the Greeks typically found :

  • textile mills
  • mill
  • copper & coal mines
  • railroad gangs

By the 20th century Greek did develop businesses of there own like.

  • shoe shine parlors
  • candy shop

By 1919, one of every three restaurants in Chicago was operated by a Greek.

How did the Greeks get to the United States?

The immigrants would board small boats in Patras, Greece that would then take them to a steamboat.

How did the US recieve/treat the Greeks?

It was pretty easy for the Greeks to find jobs in the US, especially in textile mills. Some of them even became business men.

Where did the Greeks settle?

An extremely large population of Greeks settled in Lowell, Massachusetts. Other places Greeks were found were Utah, Colorado and California.

Contributions of the Greek made to the United States and its culture

They resided in all fifty states, with the greatest numbers living in large cities such as Chicago, New York City, and Detroit. Many Greek immigrants have assimilated into American culture, but have remained strongly connected to Greek traditions, religion, and ethnicity.

Influence the Greek had on their homelands as a result of its migration

  • Money
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