A Little Bit Scary

By, Simon Osgood

You may think that Moldy Potatoe Chip is a little bit scary, but...

  • He may be small, but he will serve anyone for free!
  • He will guard your belongings without being seen.
  • He is completely safe for the earth.

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Good Deeds

  • He decomposes to create new things in the world when he feels worn out.
  • He helps whoever wants him to.
  • He will tutor anyone who is behind.


  • Moldy has 3 brothers, 7 sisters, and 1 twin who he will play baseball with.
  • He has a dad who he tries to wrestle with, but always loses.
  • Moldy has a mother who he always watches TV with.


  • Moldy reads and enjoys the book, Charlotte's Web.
  • He likes baseball and wrestling.