Sunday Announcements

February 28, 2016

GIN System

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Jen Mandelblatt jpm367

Hi Everyone,

CONGRATULATIONS PC '16! I am so thrilled that I get to call you all my sisters! Thank you again to everyone for making this such a special weekend. Special shoutout to:


Mary and Kate G for their meaningful workshops at retreat.

Madeline and Erin, SET Leaders, McKenzie, Tarina and Ashley for all of their work with Ritual and White Rose. It would not have been possible without you all.

As a reminder, Diversity Dinners begin this Tuesday at 5:30 pm!! Our first topic is ethnicity. Please sign up by Monday evening at 5:00 pm so that we can order pizza for sisters not on the meal plan.



VP Member Education Elise Czuchna emc289

Thank you all again for such a wonderful New Member Period! I really appreciate all of the hard work that you all put into it, as well as all of the support you provided for me over the past four weeks. I wanted to especially thank the SET Leaders, McKenzie, Erin, Madeling, Jen, and Ruby for all of their help. I'm sad that it's over, but I am super excited to finally welcome all of the New Members into our sisterhood!

Also, thank you to the New Members for being so amazing! Yes, you guys made me cry today at Chapter, but it's because I love you all so much!

If anyone has any suggestions for New Member Period and how it could have been/could be improved, please reach out to me (emc289) and let me know! I want to ensure that next year's New Member Period is even better!

NEXT SUNDAY is the Philanthropy Workshop during Chapter. Miranda will be doing a presentation about our two philanthropies (PCAA and the Girl Scouts), so please all be there. Especially because, afterwards, we'll all be heading over to the Benefit Concert (and I'm emceeing WOOHOO!).

Lastly, look out for an email in future weeks about Lineage Appreciate Week. It's the first time that we'll all be able to appreciate one another with our new additions!!!

You are all so loved!



VP MEMBERSHIP Maple Chen mc2225

email me if you have feelings about recruitment and want to be a part of planning for next year! we'll be meeting this week so if you want your voice heard, you need to let me know.

apply to be a rho gamma!!!! you can still chill with us during spirit week but you don't have to make small talk with a million people!!! we need seven sisters to apply, so please email me if you are applying and talk to allee, tara, or adeline if you have questions. send your current resume to and fill out the application.

with a bony hand,


VP Operations Grace Winant gaw85

Hey Guys!

This Sunday we are having a Community Service Presentation in chapter so we will just have a fun filled weekend of Philanthropy! Also for PC' 16 if you are curious about when special events are (like philanthropy events and date functions) check out the gin calendar!

Appointed Officers/Chain of Commands- March is quickly approaching (aka Tuesday) so do a little check in with each other towards the beginning of the month and fill out the check-in form that can be found in documents on gin then email it to me!

Enjoy your extra day of February (YAY LEAP YEAR) and have a great week!!!!!

xo Grace

VP CS Miranda Deane mmd264

First off WELCOME newly initiated sisters!! We are all so excited to have you <3 <3 <3

here is all you need to know about our upcoming events:

GS Cookie Booth Sale: Saturday March 5th from 12-4 pm at BOTH Mann Lobby and the KD house. Look at Tara's announcements for more info/ the sign up sheet!

KD + AXO Benefit Concert: Sunday March 6th from 2-4 pm at Willard Straight Memorial Room

REQUIREMENTS for sisters (not new members): You MUST sell two tickets! If you did not get tickets/give me $10 (each tix is $5) after chapter you must find me or emily slifkin sometime this week to pick them up. I basically live in Duffield and emily will be at the house, or text me (630)4877621 to find me. OR you can venmo me (MY VENMO IS Miranda-Deane) and send me the names of people you sold the tickets to and I will have a Will Call List!

~Sisters get in for free! so sell those tickets ~

Sign up here to help set up or clean up or bake something!

~All proceeds will be split between PCAA and the Ithaca Advocacy Center~

KD + Lambda Casino Night: Saturday March 12th from 7-9 pm at the Lambda House

I will send out a sign up sheet to work the event/ poker tables next week as well as talk about requirements then. Get excited, this is the first time we are doing this event and I am pumped!

Thanks for reading, you will all get to hear from me next week about why we do this/how it helps! Let me know if you have any questions

peace, love, philanthropy

Miranda Deane

VP PR Imani Sanders ias32

Lunch in letters: Monday, 12:20-1:20 w Daniela and Kelly @ Terrace, Wednesday 11-1:10 w Michaela @ Trillium, Thursday 1-2:30 w me @ Trillium

Please sign up to hang up posters for the benefit concert! If you’re really feeling great, you can sign up for both locations if you want to. Once you sign up, I will hit you up and meet you on campus tomorrow or in the very near future and give you the posters.

I left the quarter cards for the benefit concert at the house in the hallway. So in house sisters, or anyone who visits the house this week, please pick one up and leave them around campus!

If you haven’t already, please change your cover photo to one of these glorious creations that Natalie made!

Don’t forget to wear your letters on Wednesday and send me a pic of it so you can get a cool prize.

Stay fresh

Big image
Big image

VP Standards Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi lovely Kappa Deltas,

First off, welcome PC'16! We're so excited you are all initiated sisters and can't wait for the years to come! Sorry for the long announcement in advance!

Just a reminder, we have chapter every Sunday at 12:30 pm. Chapter is an integral part of being a Kappa Delta and mandatory. Each senior is allowed 2 unexcused absences and 1 late absence and every else is allowed 1 unexcused absence and 1 late absence. Coming late to chapter 3 times equals 1 unexcused absence. If you have legitimate excuses, please by Thursday night at 11:59 pm, not by text, email, Facebook message, or in person. Any excuses received after that time will be considered late excuses, except for sisters who got sick, had a family emergency, or a job or internship interview come up.

I hope you all are excited for wet week! Remember to be safe, pace yourself, and eat a big dinner. If you ever at any point feel uncomfortable or sick, come find me, another council member or a sober monitor. We still need 1 more sober monitor for Friday, so email me if you want to volunteer, and get out of the sober pool for date night!

As you post pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat from wet week, please be mindful of what you put online. Kappa Delta has a zero tolerance policy about letters and alcohol or drugs. If Lenora Sparks likes your picture on Facebook or Imani or I ask you to take it down, please take it down within 24 hours.

We still need 6 more sober monitors for date night! Email me and let me know if you want to volunteer. I will be pulling sobers from the sober pool next chapter.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to be a sober monitor already!

Love in AOT and Standards,



Hey guys!


FIRST: I will be holding two seminars on GIN system this week and/or next week! Please fill out this form telling me when you are available! I highly encourage new members to come because after this week, the announcements will no longer be emailed to you! They will only be posted on gin. The link at the top of the page will take you to the website. Your username and password are the same as the ones for Nautilus Network that you made when you accepted your membership. Your username is NOT your email! If you have trouble logging in, email me. :)

SECOND: I want to know how you want to be notified about announcements! Fill out this form and tell me if you want to get texts, emails, neither, or both!!

THIRD: I created this google form so that when I send out the points totals it will be anonymous. I cannot start sending out totals until everyone fills this out! I ask that you choose a unique 4 digit number that has meaning to you such as the last four digits of your cell or of your student ID. Please don't pick "1234", "4321", etc. because People might end up with duplicates. You can also choose a secret word (something appropriate) if you wish.

By the way, does anyone know what ta kala diokomen means? Answer in the points form! Thanks!

I know I have been saying this for a while, but I will send out your points updates with the minis! Most of the chapter has filled out the form above, and I just have to finish inputting the numbers! :)

Love you all,


Appointed Officers

Academic Excellence- Alexis Cousins

Hey everyone!

We are starting an "Academic Family" program within our sisterhood!

This should be a super exciting and useful way to meet and get to know sisters of all ages.

FILL OUT THIS SURVEY ASAP so we can get this started!



Girl Scout Committee Head

Hi hi!

By now everyone should know that the first Girl Scouts event is our annual Cookie Booth Sales which will be this Saturday, March 5 from 12-4 pm at the KD house and Mann Library. YAY get excited!!!

For everyone except PC '16: keep signing up on the google sheet below!

We still need more people to work the later shifts at the event at both the house and Mann. Its only an hour and fifteen minutes of your Saturday afternoon so come support the girls! People who signed up to help with things before the event: pay attention to the due dates and I will send you an individual email later tonight to coordinate what to do with or where to put your posters, etc. Remember everyone except PC '16 is required to get one girl scout point this semester, either for this event or for our second one in early May.

Everyone: If you are not signed up to work a shift, please don't just show up because we do not want to overcrowd the girl scouts. But of course you can still come to one of our booths and buy cookies!! Tell your friends, share the Facebook event, and update your cover photos! It's going to be a stressful (and dehydrating) week for all so what better way to end it than with a mouthful of Tagalongs, Samoas, and Thin Mints!

If you have any questions about signups, jobs, or anything else GS related, feel free to text me: 914-886-3356.

Peace, love & Samoas,Tara

Chaplains Holly and Tini

Hi lovelies!!! Happy initiation weekend and WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST INITIATED MEMBERS, PC '16!!! You all have made us feel extremely old as PC '13 seniors, but we are so excited for you to start a new beginning here at Kappa Delta, a place that you can call home.

We thought the first quote should be from our candle pass song from preference round of recruitment: this verse explains the strength of our sisterhood better than Pinterest ever could and we can't wait to share it with you all.

"I wish for you my friends, this happiness that I've found. You can depend on us, it matters not where you're bound. I'll shout it from the mountain tops, I want my world to know, the friends made here, will last for years. You'll want to pass it on."

Your loving and sentimental senior chaplains,


Fitness- Katie Barlow

Hey hey fit people!

Gymming in letters this week @ Helen Newman

Monday: 7-8AM

Wednesday: 7-8AM

There's no better way to get over your hangover than to work it off!

much love & happy wet week,


Parlementarian - Allee Vito

Hey team!

Just some reminders about what to wear for chapter:

Dress for chapter:

-Wear closed-toe shoes

-Keep shoulders covered

-No sweatpants

-Think "lunch with grandma"

Dress for formal chapter

-Wear closed-toe shoes

-Keep shoulders covered

-Nothing too revealing

-Think "Sunday brunch/tea time with grandma"

Also, please be on time to chapter! If you do not, I will mark you late, and 3 lates=1 unexcused absence.

If you have questions, my netID is alv48!

Sophomore Club Chair - Kat Campagna


I am #blessed to plan events for all the sophomores in KD (so both in PC 15 and PC16 ROCK ON AMIRIGHT??) Sushi was dope on Friday so now i'm trying to brainstorm some more sisterly fun-times for March. do me a solid and fill out this google doc so I can get planning.




Moment yallll been waiting foe ~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tuesday — LAMBDA. THEME: NETFLIX AND CHIILL. dress like someone from your fav movie/show or dress how you would to watch netflix. wear your onesie. wear your pjs. go naked. whatever you want.

Wednesday — HUMP DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. PHI TAU THEME: RISKY BUSINESS (@aem, contact me for clothes) JK don’t.

Thursday — 4 WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) PIKE , PHI SIG, US, AND AXO.

Friday — SIG EP . THEY;re FEEDING US!!!! NERMSSSSSS!!! THEN MIXER — CLASSY OR TRASHY!!! alternatively, classy to trashy ;)

Saturday — LLENROC!!!!!!!!!. I’ll let u know about theme :)


That’s all.

Love, nerms,WET WWeEK,

Emma & wienerschnitzel


Howdy, new sista-frands!!


March 11th


Miyake & Plum Tree

Sushi is provided. (but please please please eat a full dinner before - this should just be a snack)

Any other food or beverage must be purchased by you/your date!

Sign-Up sheet will be released Wednesday!


April 8th


Level B

Over & Under 21 admission, but around 10:40 underage will be kicked out.

Seniors get two dates. Everyone else gets one date.

Will be "blanket crushing" 2-3 fraternities.

Theme: TBA


We will be releasing the date and time very soon!!!!