Jackie vs Wilma

By: Khaliyah Givan

Track Stars

If you are a fan of track you will get a change to see the 2 top women that played track and hit more than 1 world record.Their names are Jackie Joyner and Wilma Rudolph. Both Jackie and Wilma won gold medals in their Olympics games that they had competed in.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee- Jackie's first career was when she played track and also basketball, she went to a collage named University of California Los Angeles. She also won 3 gold medals, 1 sliver, and 1 bronze medal. At first Jackie was losing every single race but then she started winning every single game because she kept learning from her mistakes that she had made in the games that she had lost in. Jackie sets U.S record in long jump which was 7.27m. Jackie was the first American to won a gold medal in the long jump event, and in history to earn more than 7,000 points. She became America favorite athlete.

Wilma Rudolph- Wilma made history in 1960 and started practicing track when she was a kid. She became the first women to win 3 gold medals in track and field. Wilma's collage is named Tennessee State University. Her career was track and basketball. As a kid Wilma had to wear a leg brace because she had popped. Hopefully Wilma's leg had got better and she started practicing running and the different types of events that she had wanted to do. When Wilma was around the age of 11 and 12 she was challenged to race and jump against boys, by the way since she had practiced running and jumping, she beat every single boy that she had raced.

Jackie and Wilma are a little a like and have some things in common about each other like they mostly won all gold when they had competed in their Olympics games that they had to do and they both got good records and also hit the highest world records in the world. Wilma and Jackie had the same injury but Wilma' s leg was different but they both had injuries when they were playing. Wilma had to wear a leg brace because her bone had popped and Jackie's ankle had popped and couldn't be able to walk for a few months or weeks. Jackie had felt like she had hurt her self because she was pushing the limit of her body.

So Jackie and Wilma had retired after those hard working days that they had did and they succeeded their accomplishments and want they wanted to do as a child and they met their goals and also had met their awards that they had did ever since they were kids because they wanted to do.