Women's Beauty Over The Years

By: Dulce M. Velazquez

American History

It was hard for the people to get into fashion during the

American Revolution not everyone could be up to date with the fashion, not because of the money but.Because ships already had a lot to carry in their boats.The ships would carry soldiers and weapons, and so then there was no space to carry clothes and things for the people in the villages.

In 1770s, it was common for women to have their hair big/high up.So much it would be hard to go into places walk into places were the door was not as high.

“In 1980s, fashional women of the time were expected to appear delicate,farial,thin,and pale.

“They should be short and slight with sloped shoulders and rounded arms”. “Slimness small hands small feet”.

Back then this was described as the perfect women.

In mid-1970s, American women began wearing “high waisted dress” made of light material that hanged down in floods showing just a little ankle. Because during this times showing your skin was not a good thing to do young or older did not matter the age a lady was a lady and they were kept to themselves.And so if you didn’t do this things right your reputation was hurt you would be talked about.

The Making of Americas Beauty Culture

Women were talked about if they didn’t have “Natural Beauty”. They were also not allowed to wear a lot of makeup “No lipstick until until dark.

In late 1800s,only women that wear make up were “Prostitutes”.

Not even “Home ladies” and rich women would wear makeup. Why? Because they were then pointed as a bad lady it was very unprofessional.

And unlike today Ladies cared a lot about what someone had to say of them,for good or bad.As time went by makeup became more accepted.But still with its “rules”. “Coloring the eyelids and beading lases were fun in the evening but bad taste in daylight”. “Acceptable for adults not for girls under 18”.

Make Up Over The Years

History of cosmetics goes back at least 6000 or more years.

Unlike today in 2016 that everyone wears makeup all types of people no matter the race. Back then in the late 1900s, it was not commen or popular for ladys of all ages to waer makeup.It was over looked as somthing very wrong.”Arounnd 1910s, makeup became fashionable in the United States.

Ideal Women Over The Years

In1930s and 1940s, is when Hallwood woman payed really good atntion to what they would eat how much and what.Fashion disioner changed the way clothes look on ladys.To help ladys look even more skiny.

In 1950s, hair was styled stort worn soft,curly,or wavy styles. So you would walk around and about almost every girl had this hair syles.And about around 1980s, “Big” was the new thing girls then got more bigger and “Thicker” as we call it today. And so for the 1980s, the perfect women for men and society was “big hair big shoulders and material girls”.
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History Of Make Up

In 1910 and before only 5 in 1 women would wear makeup. And around 1929, 70% of women started to use makeup no matter the age or race. Women soon would start to spend all their money on makeup. It just wasn't about clothes or shoes any more but also “Makeup”. Also a type of makeup that is very common today is the “contour” A type of makeup that just started in our century and that they didn't have a the beginning of the cosmetics business. All this makeup things were not common back then and girls around 13-18 were not allowed to wear make up and now and days they do.Things have really changed!
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