The Future Ahead Of Me

College and Career Ahead of Me

Jung and Myers Briggs Personality Type

I'm an ENTP. (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

Described as: display great humor, challenge, love and challenge.

1)Lively and Energetic

2) Resist being controlled

3) Excellent people skills

4) Flexible and Diverse

Famous People Who Share the Same Type (ENTP)

1) Barack Obama

2) Robert Downey Jr.

3) Mathew Perry

4) Jon Stewart

Life Ahead of Me


Holland Code

E: Enterprising: "Persuaders" (Likes to work with people, influencing, leading & managing)

C: Conventional: "Organizer" (Like to work with data, numerical ability, carry out tasks)

S: Social: "Helpers" (Like to work with people to help and train them, skilled with words)

Careers Suited for Holland Code

1) Agent for Athletes

2) Coach and Scout

3) Financial Manager

4) Detective

Colleges That Offer Major in Financial Management (Accounting)

  1. Plymouth State
  2. Marist
  3. Hofstra
  4. SUNY Cortland

Future Choice: Accounting

Occupation Outlook Handbook

  • According the the Occupation Outlook Handbook, Accounting is supposed to grow faster than the average growth by increasing 11% by 2024.
  • Necessary skills for accounting: Active Listening, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Communication Skills.
Why choose a career in accounting?

Ultimate Goal:

As I look ahead in life and try to figure out the path I'm going to take, I look forward to the challenges ahead of me. As i choose my path, I want it all to lead to my final ultimate goal. A degree in accounting, leading to a job in the sports industry would satisfy me for as long as I live. Looking back to September 9th coming into this class i was very confused on the path i wanted to take in life. As of now, I'm almost completely certain on the path i want to take as I wait on college offers to help choose my path. Realistically or not, an accountant or financial manager for a professional sports team would complete my dream and give me the perfect job o go to and from everyday.