Museum of Really Old Stuff

Taking a Step into the past

Looking for a fun and Educational family or class trip?

Well your search is over, here at the Museum of Really Old Stuff we have everything from fossils to early man bones. Please join us to the past while learn about how that we all are decedents of a reptile bird thing. Come and enjoy the displays of fossils.

(And by "displays" I mean just pictures of fossils and information, because we don't really have government funding to actually buy all this stuff...)

what do you say?

Come down to The Museum of Really Old Stuff, opening this Fall of 2015.

Tickets at the low price of $250 a person.

Kids tickets- $260 (plus all damage cost)

Senior citizens tickets- $240 (unless they die during the tour then it's free)

Babies tickets- $300 (no one want to hear them cry during the tour.)






(this might or might not be a scam...)