The Wolf Howl

Week of 1/11/16

Some Wolf Time Reminders

As we start the new year, some Wolf Time reminders:

*WT is a quiet study hall time

*Students CAN use technology for school work or Membean - keeping devices flat on the desks helps you monitor what they are doing on their devices

*Students CANNOT do group work

*Students should not be in the hallway working

*Students should not go to the restroom unless it is an emergency

*Students should not be roaming the halls

*The library is closed so that Jaime can attend PLCs

You all know these reminders, but we need to tighten our procedures for the new year for consistency! Thanks!

New Look for Open House

We are brainstorming ways to revamp Open House to make it more interactive and hopefully boost attendance. Be thinking and stay tuned for some new tweaks! We are always working to make things better!

Spring Club Dates

Please be thinking about your club choice for the next club session. That club session will be: 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, and 3/4. Remember that last year it snowed in February, so if you choose to sponsor an outdoor club, you need to have a back up plan for bad weather. I will send out a Google sheet for club sign up on Monday.

The final club session will be:






I know that the students are impatient about starting clubs - they love them!

Upcoming Benchmarks

Our Math and Reading benchmarks will be given school wide to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders on Tuesday, February 9 (math) and Thursday February 11 (reading). We will be running an alternative schedule on those days to give us four hour testing windows each day. Everyone will be a test proctor, small group administrator, hall monitor, or have other testing task on that morning. Mark your calendars! These tests will give us great data regarding students' skills and stamina as we go into the spring testing season.

Wolf Time scheduling

After the Middle of the Year IStation testing for reading and the MOY math testing, we will be sitting down and redoing Wolf Time Groups. At that time we will try to find some time for all students to receive their needed tutoring and support. It is, however, only a 40-minute window four days per weeks. Some tutoring will need to take place before or after school as needed to support some of our students.

As you start tutoring groups, please let Brendon, Alex and I know the days and times so that we can be informed about your hard work and efforts to meet your students' needs.

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Wolf Howls

Lisa D. gives an AVID howl to Terry Popp for arranging an AVID visit for us. We got some great tips on getting closer to our goal of AVID National Demonstration School status. Terry is an amazing advocate for our AVID program!

Lisa D. howls for Megan and Raquel for doing TEN interviews for our data secretary position with me on Thursday! Whew! Thank you for staying late!

Terry Popp gives a big CTMS howl for Jennifer Salsbury, Pat Brolan, Robin Young, Barbara Swartz, Melissa Carpenter, Stephanie Klocke and Brooke Teeter for having classroom visitors during the AVID visit. Our AVID representative was truly impressed with CTMS. You made our schoolwide piece shine!

Tabetha Weeks gives a grateful howl to Lisa Smith and Brooke Teeter for giving her so much help and answering so many questions as she started in her classroom this week!

Lisa D. gives an artistic howl to Jaime for arranging for the mural to be completed in the library. She worked so hard to design the mural, arrange for the artist and funding, and even came to school over the holidays to let him in the building. Thank you for making our library even more beautiful!

Tabetha Weeks howls for Bridget Majkowski for all her help this week - making copies, laminating, making passes, etc. She has been awesome!!

Brooke Teeter gives a welcoming howl to Tabetha Weeks! She has already been a great addition to the social studies team and athletics department. She has had an awesome first week jumping right in, and Brooke looks forward to working with her!

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Upcoming Events

Monday, 1/11/16 - wear jeans because of teacher perfect attendance last Wednesday!

Boys' 7th/8th grade BB games vs. Carroll @ home

Tuesday, 1/12/16 - Geography Bee - Lecture Hall - 8:30 a.m.

Staff meeting - Professional staff only - 3:35 p.m. - library

Wednesday, 1/13/16 - Lisa out - LEAD 2021

Thursday, 1/14/16 - Girls' 7th/8th grade BB games vs. GMS @ Grapevine High School

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Happy Birthday!

Stephanie Rumbleow - 1/14

Belated wishes to Darien Mooney - 1/5