Miami, FL


The Dropped Bowl With Scattered Slices and Peels is located in Miami, FL. In September of 1984, this sculpture was commissioned by Metro Dade Art in Public Places. Claes Oldenburg created this piece. Then in September of 1989, the sculpture was installed. The process to create this piece took 5 years.


He wanted to add water to this sculpture and include a complete fountain along with his favorite subject, fruit, which he had never done. During his thought process he thought about other sculptures that had been created in the past, and used a plate of scrambled eggs splattered to the wall as a starting point. He believed the jagged fragments would be more interesting if they came from a bowl and oranges. Coincidentally it is nearby the stadium where the Orange Bowl is played. This sculpture could be seen to represent a large city in the making and accompanying Miami's expansion. Over they years of sculpting his style had developed and changed over the years.


This sculpture is one of my favorite works of Claes Oldenburg. I think the pieces go well together and the detail of the sculpture is great. All of the pieces are flying, and you can notice where the cracks are. Also, adding eager to it I believe was a great idea. Not only water, but a complete fountain which he had never done. This sculpture was completed great and looks very well. I like it a lot.
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Anna Covalt