Working It Out - Weekly

Mrs. Rouse's Class Newsletter - September 15, 2014

Mixing Up Our Work-out!

Hi, Friends,

Third grade habits and routines are long gone and our kiddos must adjust to the new skill sets required of this grade level. Parents, please make sure your student is practicing basic skills nightly for Math and reading over the Science packet in the Science tab of their binder.

If your child does not know multiplication or addition and subtraction with regrouping (ALL third grade skills) he/she will need your help to practice nightly to get over the hump. Check your student's folder for extra homework, multiplication contract or papers to rework during Monday Lab (explained in this newsletter)...These are all put in to place to help your child PRACTICE.

Though an adjustment for some, last week was an AMAZINGLY fun week. Please take a peek at our week last week and what we have planned for next.


Wednesday, Sep. 24th 2014 at 12:30pm

Dodd Elementary

Early pick-up! The cafeteria will be closed so please send a sack lunch with your student!


Math, Math and More Math

Our FIRST Unit Test is NEXT WEEK - Friday, September 26th

Here's the types of questions are fourth graders are facing.

4.2A - The Place of One Digit is 10 x Its Position To The Right and 1/10th It's Position To The Left

Which of the following numbers has the digit 8 in a place-value position that is ten times the value of the digit 8 in the number 6,137,215,829?

Which of the following numbers has the digit 4 in a place-value position that is one tenth the value of the digit 4 in the number 43,256,102?

4.2B – Expanded notation to 100 billion

Normal expanded notation is written in a very long number sentence. This is what is being asked of our students.

Which number sentence shows the expanded notation of 27,546,398,001?

The answer choices are not grouped largest to smallest value – For example

(3 x 100,000) + (5 x 100,000,000) + (1 x 1) + (4 x 10,000,000) + (7 x 1,000,000,000) + (9 x 10,000) + (6 x 1,000,000) + (2 x 10,000,000,000) + (8 x 1,000) =

The best strategy is to count zeros and write digits from right to left.


Subtraction and Addition with Regrouping - Most of our students in both classes ARE struggling with this 3rd grade skill. We will practice daily in class...those having the most trouble will work on this during intervention time and homework will be given nightly until we master this concept. (Homework will consist of 5 problems and MUST be checked and signed by a parent).

Word Problems /Using abc strategy - Some have forgotten this skill but I have faith that they will be on track by the end of the week. I am attaching the Power Point we will use in class.

Rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, and ten thousands - This a 3rd grade skill has been extended to values other than tens and hundreds. We have a fabulous youtube rap to sing to help us remember the rules of rounding -

Multiplication Results

Here's the Stem & Leaf Plot for our first multiplication test. Students are learning to self assess themselves using a line graph and to assess themselves in comparison to their peers. This is a great way to pull in stem and leaf plots (a graph they must use later in the year). Notice where the majority of both classes scores fell. Last week's test results were better. Please keep PRACTICING!
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The Let's Get Fizzy Lab Was a BIG Hit

Have you ever pondered why you burp after drinking soda? Which sodas make you burp more? Does the type of soda or the color of the soda make a difference. These are the deep things of Science....Not really, but they are interesting to 9 year olds. Students used the Scientific Method to test whether or not dark sodas had more carbonation than light colored sodas. Our finding show that the carbonation was about even for both types of sodas. Thank you to all you who signed up to bring sodas.

My Mass My Mass My Mass is INSIDE

Our FIRST Unit Test is next Thursday, September 25th.

Below are the concepts we are currently learning:

The Physical Properties of Matter

This week our students will continue to learn to determine the properties of matter and how to measure each property using 4th grade science tools. Students MUST know the purpose for each tool and how to use it to measure accurately.

Hot Spots

Students confuse volume (the space that matter takes up) and mass. They also confuse mass and weight. We are learning some fun songs in class to help students realize that mass has NOTHING to do with the size of an object and mass is different from weight in that weight is reliant upon gravity while the mass of an object will remain constant on Earth as well as on the moon.

Students who need to rework an assignment will be assigned a time to come to MONDAY LAB. The lab is each Monday until 4:00.


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