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BCSSSD @Lumberton, Principal Kamau -July 21, 2014

ESY Update - Uniforms

As we head into week 3 of the ESY and look forward to the fall here is the latest update:

This week letters will be sent home with students in our Core program regarding uniforms. All students will wear khaki or black pants with a white collared shirt.

Cell phones and all electronic devices


Last week we began our electronic devices campaign. Though there was some pushback from students I believe we were successful. I need everyone to support this effort by challenging students that wear headphones and use electronic devices in your classes. I do understand that confrontations with oppositional students can be challenging but we cannot take the path of least resistance. I have spoken to many of you about the need to change the culture so I am counting on you to make this work.

"Many hands make the work light."

Student Folders

Please have student folders for each of your students in the ESY. They will be collected at the end of the program for strategic planning purposes. Folders should contain authentic student work with comments from teachers on work. If there are any concerns please see me ASAP.

-Mr. Kamau

Counseling Groups Schedule

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From the Nurse's Office

Health Record

Please update your health record in the Nurse's office. New staff need to submit this information immediately. You can pick up a form in the health office or submit the information on line using the link below.

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