Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Reasons that Burial is Still Popular

  • Religion - Some religions teach that if the body is destroyed by fire then it cannot be resurrected later and reunited with the spirit. It was considered a dishonor in older times to not be buried properly.
  • Place to visit - Some find it very important to have a permanent resting place. Relatives can visit the grave site for generations to come.
  • Honoring a Veteran - To honor their loved one's service, the families of the veterans often will choose the traditional burial in a national cemetery.
  • Family tradition - Some people would like to be put to rest alongside their loved ones.
  • Personal fears - Some just fear the idea of their body burning through cremation.

Helping to make the service personal! How we help serve our families!

There has never been the same two services that have be done exactly alike at our funeral home for no one exactly alike. As funeral directors, we want to make every service for the families unique and special. We have families that we serve that will choose to make an arrangement in advance. This will allow us to have specific requests on file. If there are no prearrangement then we make sure that we take the time to personally get to know the deceased by spending time with their loved ones. Once we get to know the deceased better, we can give the family some suggestions for adding a more personal touch to the service. We welcome input and are more than happy to work out any details. There are no additional charges for making the service more personal and if there were, they would be very minimal. If there are any questions regarding funeral or ways to personalize the service, please contact us and ask to speak with one of the directors.

What to do in the first few hours after death:

  • Contact us.
  • Contact your clergy if desired. You may also do this while you are at the funeral home making the arrangements.
  • Start making a list of the immediate family and the deceased close friends that need to be notified, You could ask a friend or relative to help with making the phone calls and messages.
  • Get together the necessary information to complete the State vital statistic requirements. They are as follows: birth date, birthplace, Father's name, Mother's maiden name, social security number, veteran's discharge or claim number, if applicable, and so on.
  • Pick out the clothing that the deceased will wear. Men are typically put in a suit and women in something formal. Bring in the traditional undergarments, which would include socks. The shoes would be optional. If jewelry is given to the deceased to wear, it can be returned to the family.
  • Decide on the appropriate organization in which the memorial gifts may be made, if desired.
  • Gather obituary information.
  • Please bring in a recent photo if there is going to be a public viewing.
  • Make sure to take some quiet time for yourself!

What to do during the next few days:

  • Arrange hospitality for any visiting relatives and friends, if necessary.
  • Think about the particular needs of the household, which would be meals, cleaning, childcare, and so on.
  • Ask friends and family for help.
  • Make sure to select who the pallbearers will be.