Pbl 4-war on drugs

Reece Modisette,Devin Luker,Taylor Pope,Journey Carver


We have a major problem in America with people doing drugs. Most of the drugs are coming from South America and Mexico so we are trying to make a more efficent plan to stop drugs from entering North America.

By: Journey Carver

Past Plans

In the past people have paid south America and Mexico to help try to stop the drug problem. We have also in forced a border controll with more security.

By: Taylor Pope


We will make a 20 foot tall wall with bullet proof cased cameras with motion sensors every 100 feet. There will be eletric fences surronding the border.In the air we will have airforce patrolling the border and we will make a more secure cost gaurd around mexico and south america.

By: Devin Luker


In conclusion we have a major drug problem in South America. We have tryed in the past to pay them but it did not work. Our solution will be more opsticals for drug cartel get around and more boarder control.

By: Reece Modisette

What We Learned

  • Reece Modisette- I learned that there is a real problem in South America with...DRUGS! I liked that there is a lot more ways to smugle drugs than you think.
  • Devin Luker -I learned that columbia is a big producer of coca.i liked in this project that we learned about the drug trafficing.
  • Journey Carver-I learned that - the poppy flower can be used to make a drugs and I liked making the smore.
  • Taylor Pope- I learned about drugs. I liked getting to learn about South America.