Workplace Do's and Dont's

Communication, Teammwork, Relationships and Conflict

When communicating...

DO choose your words carefully

DO use strong eye contact and tentive body language

DON'T rush, you may accidentally send an incorrect message

DON'T use slang in a formal email or any other written communication


DO demonstrate assertive behavior

DO report and document any incidents of harrassment or bullying

DO try to resolve any conflict as soon as possible

DO listen to what the other party has to say

DO remain calm while resolving an issue

DON'T report minor incidents without confronting the source first

DON'T ignore workplace bullies

DON'T hold a grudge

DON'T assume others are always going to have the same point of view as you

DON'T be immature or aggresive

Workplace Relationships

DO keep all relationships professional while at the Workplace

DO get to know your boss and his/her management style

DO keep a positive attiude towars all of your coworkers

DON'T be disrespectful of others personal space and belongings

DON'T hold prejudices

DON'T let personal relationships affect your productivity at work

Teamwork and Motivation

DO strive for synergy

DO brainstorm with your coworkers to come up with possible solutions and strategies

DO remain positive and motivating at team meetings

DO lead the group when the time is appropriate

DON'T make important decisions without consulting with others

DON'T think your ideas aren't good enough

DON'T let negative coworkers affect you or your performance


In order to build good synergy, you and your teammates must have good teamwork. Working together and having good communication is key to building awsesome workplace relationships and steering clear of unwanted conflict or miscommunication.