By Danna Gomez

Fast Facts

Continent: Europe

Capital: Madrid

Population: 48,146,136 (rank=28)

Area: 195,124 (rank=58)

Main language: Spanish

Main religion: Roman Catholic

Distance from Capital to Washington D.C: 3810.38 miles

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There are many holidays in spain, some are very different from other country's, like El Dia De Los Reyes ( The Day Of The The Three Kings) on Jan 6. And theres also other holidays like Holy Week, Easter, Labor Day, National Day, All Saints Day, Constitution Day,The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception, Christmas and New Years

New Years Day

Spaniards Celebrate New Year's like many Americans. Spaniards celebrate with a family dinner they also stay awake to see the clock strike at midnight, like many American. Something different not many people do is each time the clock strikes they will eat a grape, in total they will eat twelve grapes.


In Spain the people and children celebrate just like Americans. Spaniards prepare for a family dinner while children/kids prepare their wish list for Santa Clause. And children open their gifts under christmas tree.

El Dia de Los Tres Reyes (Day of the the three kings)

The day of the three kings (Jan 6) is almost like christmas without a tree and not much decorations. On the day of the three kings children/kids put their shoes out usually near the door. The next morning the three kings leave presents in their shoes.


In Spain here is el desayuno (breakfast), la comida (lunch), la cena (dinner), and sometimes merienda. Lunch is usually at two pm, dinner is at 9/10 pm. Merienda is kind of like a snack were they usually have a sandwich/ sweet bred with coffee.


In restaurants many people enjoy having something called Tapas. The dish has olives toast with ham and cheese or rice with seafood.

polite/rude in the table

Hands on the on the table is polite but elbows on the table is rude. If someone is offering to join dinner and they don't want to they say something like provecho. And also walkin on the street while eating is not very polite.


Spain has no official religion, but spaniards are Roman Catholic. In spain the freedom of religion was granted in 1970. Now there are many traditions many catholics have like weddings, funerals, and baptism. And ninety percent of spaniards are baptized. Most people are in a Catholic churches and six percent of people are in other churches


Most people in spain live in apartments about five or six storey's high and they are usually bunched together. The apartments usually have two or three bedroom's. There can also be mansion's around cities, and many mansion have been around in family for generations. When the mansion passes on to another family member, the person has to decide if he/she wants to keep the mansion or sell it.

The Art's Of Spain

Music and dance are the most important arts of Spain. Spain loves music and some of the most common instruments in Spain are guitars, castanets, tambourines and bagpipes

Famous Artist

Spaniards love and Appreciate their achievements for the music world like the opera singers for example Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras. Spaniards also appreciate The World Renowned like Velazquez Goya Picasso and Dali