Anceient China

Zhou dynasty


They established a political system because they believed in having strict control over the kingdom. The Zhou appointed governors to each state. The governors were friends and family, so they knew they would not rebel. The Zhou were comfortable in their wealth, and ignored the needs of the poor which led to the fall of the Zhou dynasty.

The governors asked for more power which also led to the dynasty's ruin. The Zhou dynasty were a clan from the Shang dynasty who were angry with them. And wanted to over throw them. After They took control they established a firm political system. They over threw the Shang dynasty leaders and took their places.

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Because they were so wealthy at the time . Many people started to open up a lot of market places. These market places were always packed. The Zhou made iron told to make weapons, shields, and armor. The Zhou also followed the Shang by also incorporating bronze in their works. Their were warriors ,craftsmen,venders, government officials, and iron workers. There were also a lot of philosophers. The Zhou dynasty was considered the age of the great thinkers. The Zhou dynasty traded with other civilizations around them.
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They developed war fair technology. Like the Iron Tools, and Chariots. Also they invented Fortifications. They perfected the calendar, and made the first geographical map. They invented the bronze casting, and developed a lot of ways to use it. The Great wall of china was still being built at the time. Emperor Qin started it, but it took 1700 years to build.
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Religion/Culture/Social Life

The religion of the Zhou dynasty was much different than the Shang's. The saw heavenly spirits, terrestrial forces, and human ancestors. The were 3 realms of diates. Vessels inlaid with gold and silver were popular. Poetry of the South shows mystical, nature-bond charter of the southern thinking. Kids life's were very different from ours. They often lived with aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Boys grew up they had to stay and live with their parents. Girls on the other hand had to marry and move into the husbands house. The women had to do anything the mother in law said. Also the elderly were the most respected in the family.
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