Free NonToxic Workshop

Learn how to be an Ingredient Detective

Clean Living?

How many products do you use daily and do you know what they are made of?

How do you know if your products are safe? Come learn what ingredients to avoid and how to read the labels of your products. You know how to read food lables, right? Calories, fat, sodium, protein, etc. It's the same exact thing -- you simply need to know what to look for on your product labels.

It's all about having the right information; becoming aware of what's harmful and what you should avoid!

This Friday, MAY 1st 2015 - Boston Sports Club Woburn, MA

11am and 12pm (NOON)

Door Prizes! Snacks! Non-Toxic Products to try and feel before you order!

Everyone's welcome, bring a friend and learn more!

Stone's Ingredient Detective

Joan Proctor, Consultant ID 8196