Pre-Ap Biology Cancer Project

By Hunter Sutton

Cancer: Introduction

Cancer kills people every year, everyday in fact. Kidney Cancer is the cancer I am researching. It attacks the kidney and may cause you to lose one of your kidneys.

Cancer: What it is

Cancer is caused by a mutation in cell reproduction. It can also just be inherited from your parents or grandparents. Cancer cells reproduces faster than regular cells.

Kidney Cancer: What it is

Kidney cancer is cancer that originates from the kidney. It can kill you in the worst case scenario. But, if caught in the early stages, can be removed hassle free.

Kidney Cancer: What causes it

It can be inherited, or you can get it from Von Hippel-Lindau. (VHL) More likely inherited though.

Kidney Cancer: Symptoms

Symptoms may include: Blood in urine, lower back pain on one side (not caused by an injury), a lump on the side or lower back, Fatigue, Loss of appetite, weight loss not caused by dieting, and also maybe an endless fever.

Kidney Cancer: Treatments

Treatment include: surgery, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, Radiation therapy, and chemothaerapy are often used methods.

Kidney Cancer: 5-Year Survival Rate

Stage 1 - 81%

Stage 2 - 74%

Stage 3 - 53%

Stage 4 - 8%

8 Essential Questions & Answers

1) How many cells do we have in our body? 100,000 billion

2) What is a stem cell? How does a liver cell differ from a stomach cell? A stem cell is an undifferentiated cell of a multi cellular organism. Liver and stomach cells differ from their functions.

3) What is a cell’s main purpose in life? Carry out cell functions, reproduce, that's it

4) How does cancer get started? (carcinogenesis?) Mutations in the cell reproduction process

5) What is a mistake in a cell’s genetic information called? A mutation

6) How does a cell usually deal with these mistakes? Cells fix them by having DNA-repair enzymes fix the mistake.

7) What is apoptosis? The death of cells that occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism's growth or development.

8) What is the key to preventing and treating cancer? Cancer treatments

C:1,2,3, and a-d questions

1) A Nice Looking Title: Check

2) An Introduction to what cancer is in general: Check

3) An Introduction to the type of cancer you are researching: Check

a) What part of the body does it affect? Check

b) What specific things/exposures can lead to this type of cancer? Check

c) What are the symptoms, how do you know you have it? What are the effects? Check and double Check

d) What are the treatments, what is the survival rate for people with this type of cancer? Check