A Gift is a Terrible Thing to Waste

why gifted education is a benefit to all

Its our Right

Students here in the U.S. have the right to a free and appropriate education. While some parents out there may argue school is far from free there are far fewer who seem to notice that our current education system is far from appropriate. Gifted students deserve the same appropriate education as the rest of their peers and instead they are simply receiving the same education. They breeze through the work feeling unchallenged and therefor unmotivated. Teachers see them as a blessing because they require no extra time. parents see the straight A's and think they are receiving the best education has to offer, community members vote to cut gifted programs in favor of raising test scores by focusing on struggling students, and professionals seem to forget their boring, easy days in school and focus on moving their company forward. What none of these groups realize is that advocating for gifted education will make all of their lives easier.

Why You Should Care


A Call to Arms

So what are you going to do about it? Get Involved.


Get educated! attend seminars and classes. Ask your principal if you can attend professional development. Make sure you are creating opportunities for the gifted students in your class to feel challenged and involved. Don't let them fly under the radar just because they have an A doesn't mean your work is done! Help their families know about their gift and give them some resources to help.


Recognize that your child has talent that needs to be developed. Advocate for them because they might not know how or want to do it for themselves. Work with them as much as you can and help them see that doing the bare minimum is not a valuable use of their time.


Understand that all students deserve a challenging appropriate education that will help them grow. Realize that gifted students can be your greatest assets as long as they are given what they need to thrive.


Know that students are the future and gifted students may likely end up as the leaders in the industries of their choosing. Please provide as much finding, challenges, mentors and volunteers as you can spare to help motivate and inspire the next generation.

Together we can make the world a better place by taking advantage of some of our greatest resources. All it takes is a little action. So go to PTA meetings, volunteer in a classroom, talk to your local or state government and ask what is being done to provide that free and appropriate education we were all promised.