Bill Clinton

More Than a Politician

The Childhood

Bill Clinton was born August 19, 1946, at hospital in Arkansas. Bill’s father was a salesman who died three months prior to Bill’s birth during a car accident. Bill’s mother, Virginia Cassidy, went to New Orleans after his birth to Pursue a career in nursing. His grandparents raised him. When he turned 14 he took the name Clinton from his step Father, Roger Clinton. When people described Mr. Clinton they said he was a hardworking, loyal person.

Bill's Values

Bill Clinton is a hardworking, loyal, man. He grew up with these traits instilled into him by his grandparents. When his mom returned from New Orleans and married Roger Clinton, he saw what hard work could result in. Roger worked hard and was the co-founder of an auto dealership in Arkansas. From early on Clinton new that he wanted to help people and he thought he could achieve that through politics.

A Good Man

Clinton was always devout in his wanting to help people. When he became a politician people could tell that he was genuine. They could relate to him, he was a kind man and it helped him win people over. Of all his fantastic leadership traits his ability to connect to people really helped. He was likeable and people liked likeable.

Being More Like Bill

I believe that being kind, genuine, and likeable are very important traits. I also try to model myself to be like that. If I use those traits in my future it could lead to a very successful life. And also a prosperous one. One reason that I want to be like Bill Clinton is because he achieved his goal of helping people. He started The Clinton Foundation which works to help many causes. Also he advocates for causes and persuades billionaires to donate money to help other people.

Nobody Is Perfect

To be a good leader you don't have to demonstrate all of the leadership traits. Bill Clinton is an excellent leader, but at times his honesty was at question. Many people claim and believe that Clinton had an affair while in office.

Guidlines for a Good Leader

To become an effective leader you just have to stick to your guns. Be original, and be likeable. People will follow that is a guarantee. Possessing traits like Honesty, Bravery, kindness, humility, Loyalty, honesty, and being devout are important for great leaders to have.