Horror Movies

By: Ethan B.

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There are Four Main Types of Horror Movies

Horror movies consist of four categories, supernatural, extraterrestrial, serial killer, and monster.

Supernatural Horror

Supernatural horror movies are my favorite because more things can happen in them, and there are many more chances for jump scares.

Extraterrestrial Horror

Extraterrestrial horrors aren't always good because there are so many that share a model for the alien. Some alien horror movies are great, though, like the Alien movie series.

Serial Killer Horror

Serial killer horrors aren't tat good, either, because most of them are very predictable, and not even scary. Serial killer movies should be a different genre, in my opinion, because I don't find them scary.

Monster Movies

I love monster movies, I don't think they're scary, I just like seeing all of the wild creatures people can come up with. My all time favorite monster movie series is Godzilla, because I grew up watching those movies.