Battle Of Antietam

By:Jesus Guerrero

Who Was Involved?

  • General Robert E. Lee
  • General George B. McClellan
  • Confederates V. Union

When and Where it Occurred?

The Battle of Antietam lasted from September 16th in the morning to the 17th at night. The battle happened in Maryland near Antietam Creek and a town called Sharpsburg. Sometimes the battles were called different names because the Union named their battles after the nearest body of water and the Confederate named the battles after the nearest town.

Why it Occurred?

There are many important reasons why this battle started. One is because Robert E. Lee wanted to keep going into the North because he felt confident when he won the battle at Bull Run. But, the more important reason is that he wanted countries in Europe, such as, England and France to help the South and the Confederates with their cause.

What Happened?

  • On September 16, 1862 Major General McClellan met general Robert E. Lee on the first day of one of the bloodiest battles in civil war history.
  • On September 17, 1862 at dawn general Joseph Hooker fired on the left side of the confederate army in Antietam.
  • General McClellan fought General Lee along a road that was separating the Roulette and piper farms, also known now as Bloody Lane
  • The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest battle of the civil war.

How Did it End?

  • In this battle the union won.
  • Robert E. Lee started the retreat back to the Potomac River.
  • It also made Europe think twice about joining the Confederacy