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Session #14

Want to be a CIA Spy? Be Careful on Facebook

In an article posted on CNN Money last week, author Jose Pagliery shares some common sense details about sharing information online and job-seeking. Visit for the full article

  • Do not overshare! You may not be interested in working for the CIA, but oversharing on social media is disappointing to all employers. Keep your private life private.
  • Have a responsible presence on social media. (That means you don't share anything too personal, no company secrets, no work-related details).
  • Don't announce a great interview - of course, if you're looking to become a spy, you can't broadcast to the world that you're hoping to become a spy. But no matter what profession you're going into, posting too much information about an interview, a day at work, a colleague, etc. can get you into trouble.

  1. Would you say it in real life? If not, don't post it!
  2. Keep your relationship details to yourself
  3. Don't post every detail of your life. Consider your audience. They don't need, or want, to know what you ate for breakfast, what toothpaste you use, how your commute into work/school was...
  4. Don't complain in every post!
  5. Any image that you share online can be copied and re-posted by anyone. Think about the pictures you post before you share them.
  6. Update your privacy settings. Anyone can see what you share when you have a public account, and private accounts are easy to navigate around. Don't share something that you wouldn't want a future employer or a creepy stranger to know.