Hydrophones In World War 1

By:Ronza Alzghtiti

what does it do?

A "Hydrophone" is a device which will listen to, or pick up, the acoustic energy underwater. A hydrophone converts acoustic energy into electrical energy and is used in passive underwater systems to listen only. Hydrophones are usually used below their resonance frequency over a much wider frequency band where they provide uniform output levels.

How does it work?

Used for recording or listening to underwater sound. Most are based on piezoelectric transact that generates electricity when subjected to pressure change.

Was it successfully used?

The earliest widely used design was the Fessenden oscillator, an electrodynamically driven clamped-edge circular plate transducer.operating at 500, 1000, and later 3000 Hz. It was originally marketed as an underwater telegraph, rather than assonar, but was later very successful, its Canadian inventor awarded the "Scientific American Magazine Gold Medal of Safety" in 1929 from the American Museum of Safety, an organization for ship captains;[2] some were still in use during World War II.