Tracy Reese

By: Jada Gray ♥

Early Designing Experiences

  • after graduating with an accelerating degree in 1984- 1987, Tracy Reese worked under Martine Sitbon.

  • started her own company in 1987- 1989

  • Perry Ellis designer in 1990

  • Freelance designer in 1990

  • designed exclusive line for The Limited, New York in 1995

  • Tracy Reese Meridian became the founder and designer of TR, Plenty, and Plenty Home in 1996.

  • Concentrates in women’s ready-to-wear clothing

Price Range

Tracy Reese's products range from $30- $700

♥ Tracy Reese Gallery ♥

"A statement necklace glams up any outfit without feeling like much." ~ Tracy Reese