Gallileo Galilei

Pre 1900


Galileo was born on the 15 February, 1564 (15/2/1564).


1609- craters and mountains on the moon and the star clusters of the Milky Way.

1610's- spots and blemishes on the sun's surface


Galileo died on the 8 January, 1642 (8/1/1642). He lived for about 78 years in total.

Technologies used at the time

The only technology that he used was a telescope because it had only just been invented during the early 1600's. After he saw the telescope he worked on making his own.

What We Now Know After Galileo's Discoveries

We now know that the sun has spots (blemishes) on it and that the moon has craters and mountains and that the Milky Way has lots and lots of star clusters which can be seen every night.