Environmental Scan and Action Plan

Piney Creek Elementary School

Community Context

  • One of seven townships
  • Located in Alleghany County, NC
  • 28.8 square miles (236 square miles total)
  • Population: 849 (10,939 total)
  • Majority of people are between 40-64 years old
  • Language distribution: 92% English; 8% Spanish or other
  • 48% of adults have a high school diploma
  • 23% of adults have a college degree
  • Employment industries include: manufacturing, education, construction, & agriculture
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Piney Creek School Learning Context

  • Pre-K through 8th Grade
  • 175 students enrolled (99 females & 76 males)
  • Student-teacher ratio- 1:17
  • 88% Caucasian; 12% Hispanic
  • 56% of students receive free/reduced lunch
  • 7% identified as E.C
  • One principal
  • One part-time assistant principal
  • Support Staff: 3 full time teaching assistants, instructional facilitator, media specialist, E.C teacher, P.E teacher, part-time technology facilitator, three part-time resource teachers, part-time tutors, three bus drivers, three cafeteria staff, two office staff, & one custodian
  • 94% of staff are considered highly qualified
  • 38% of staff have advanced degrees
  • 33% of staff are NBC
  • 3 teachers currently enrolled in IT cohort
  • 2013-2014 School of Distinction
  • In the top ten percent of Title I schools in North Carolina
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Targeted Student Group: Students with IEPs

  • 7% of the student population at PCS has an IEP
  • One E.C teacher serves this group of students
  • Both pull-out & push-in methods are in place

Characteristics of this Student Group and Implications for Learning

  • EOG data shows that less than 5% of students with learning disabilities passed both reading and math tests
  • Students need additional time with the E.C teacher
  • Extra resources are needed to assist students
  • Doing so will increase students' scores and will improve overall school scores
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Action Plan (August, 2014 - May, 2017)

School Improvement Objective: To raise achievement among students with IEPs at PCS from less than 5% pass rate (as shown in figure 11) to 10% pass rate in three years.

Rationale: Due to data showing learning disabled students are a sub-group at PCS; targeted steps will be taken to raise student achievement.

1. Students need additional time with E.C teacher to reach maximum levels of growth.

2. Assistive technology tools should be provided in the classroom.

3. Provide professional development to support a collaborative teaching model.

Professional Development

  • Professional Development will be provided to ensure teachers understand how to work cooperatively with the E.C teacher on a regular basis.
  • Teachers will be trained to use a collaborative teaching model.
  • They will learn to successfully alter their daily classroom routine.
  • They will also learn to collaborate with the E.C. teacher to schedule services that are strategic and effective, and differentiate lessons to individual students based on their personal learning disability.


  • I was reminded as to what makes Piney Creek School such a special place to work.
  • I feel more knowledgeable in the areas of leadership, technology, student learning, and diversity regarding Piney Creek School.
  • I realize how crucial it is for all teachers to complete environmental scan, especially if they are working towards one common goal.
  • After completing this environmental scan, I want to make a difference and inspire other leaders within my school.
  • Using my action plan, I hope to raise student achievement and create innovative experiences for students at Piney Creek School.