Camryn Centracchio y Josh Robinson

Points of Best Interest

Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is a beautiful large Roman Catholic church. It would be a great place to visit because its huge and has beautiful features. You can take personal tours around and in Sagrada Familia.
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Park Güell

The Park Guell is a public park system composed of gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmel Hill. Its a beautiful place to walk around and see things you can't normally see! It has beautiful buildings with beautiful features!
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gothic quarter

The Gothic Quarter is a part of barcelona that has been around since medieval times. Center of an old city in Barcelona.
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casa mila

The Casa Mila is a modernist building. It was the last civil work designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and it was built between the years 1906 and 1910.
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Interesting Facts


During the winter it is in the high 50's. During the spring it is in the mid 60's. In the summer it is in the mid 80's. During the fall it is in the low 70's.
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Natural Resources

Coal, Copper, Lead, Kaolin, Hydropower, and Arable Land.
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In the year 2012 the exact population was 1.62 million. 2012 was the last exact record.

Popular Sports

the most popular sport is soccer being most played and most watched. other sports played and watched in barcelona include football, bowling, bullfighting, cycling, and sailing.

Languages Spoken

the region of catalonia has two official languages. spanish and catalan, of which are both spoken. in offices and schools, catalan is the dominat language

Traditional Music and Dance

the traditional dance in barcelona is known has catalan or sardana dancing which is usally accompanied by a band called cobla that plays tradditional sardana music.

History of Barcelona

Barcelona has been around for a good 2,000 years. Barcelona is located in Spain, Europe. It is a beatiful city to visit and has alot of things to see and do!