Keeping Mexican Heritage

Hannah Courtney and Becca Gredone

Settlement of Texas

Spain had control of us and the land that we know as Texas today. Spain had so much un-populated land so Moses Austin invited the Americans to settle in Texas to occupy the land. The Americans settled and shortly after Moses died and his son Stephen Austin took over. Soon after, we rebelled against Spain for our freedom. After we had gained our freedom, we explained to Stephen that he needed to have his settlers abolish slavery, learn to speak Spanish, and become members of the Roman Catholic Church. The Texans were not doing what we were asking them to do, which made us angry. You would think that the Texans would be grateful that we had let them stay on our land. We then sent troops to Texas and that is when the Texans began talk of breaking away from us. Soon after that Stephen Austin was jailed and that was when the Texans revolted from us.

Texas War of Independence

Texans and Mexicans were fighting because Texas wanted independence. Santa Ana won at the alamo and killed many of the Texans but the Texans didn't want to give up and by the San Jancinto the Texas said "Remember the Alamo!" and killed over the half the Mexican army in 18 minutes. This made the Mexicans realize that Texas needed to be independent and and they were forced to sign a treaty making Texas independent.

War With Mexico/Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

One reason is because of the War With Mexico/Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This was caused by the Americans moving downward to the Rio Grande boundary. Mexico was angry because the Americans exceeded their believed boundary by mexico. This angered the Mexicans and they killed 16 Americans. With this news James Polk declared the War With Mexico.