Shepard Staff Friday Flyer

Together We Can


  • 2/28/18 PLC - 3:00 pm

  • 3/2/18 - PTA Board Meeting - Library - 9:15

  • 3/5 - 3/9 - Book Fair!

  • 3/8 - PTA app bar - 3:00

  • 3/8 - Open House 6:00 pm

Tech Street

The resource above is GREAT and really gets you thinking about the future we are preparing our students for!

Teaching Alley

SEL Corner

What is Empathy and Why is it so Important?

Big picture

1. Empathy leads to kindness. It fosters acceptance and understanding. Empathy lifts up others. It meets needs. It believes the best about others.

2. Empathy brings people together in community. It helps us to connect in spite of our differences, no matter what our differences.

3. Empathy results in better lesson plans. It seeks to understand how students learn this best, how they are experiencing learning. It values them as learners.

4. Empathy results in better discipline plans. Empathy is not punitive, it's corrective and supportive. It seeks to understand and prevent the causes of poor behavior. It is essential to resolving conflict.

5. Empathy improves teamwork. Effective teams are build on trust and togetherness. Empathy allows for constructive conflict.

6. Empathy improves problem-solving. It opens us to new possibilities and it considers the end-user and how solutions will impact others.

7. Empathy improves performance. Performance is stronger when people value risk taking and accept failure as an opportunity to learn. Empathy provides the safety for that to flourish.

8. Empathy builds stronger relationships. Most people want to be liked, to have more friends, to have people we can really count on. Empathy is essential to developing stronger bonds between people.

9. Empathy can reduce anxiety and depression. When people feel heard, feel understood, and feel supported, it can help ease anxiety and depression. Depression for teens, especially has been on the rise. I wonder how a culture of empathy might ease this in our schools.
Community Circle Prompts

Sample prompting questions for community circles!

As we walked around the building, we saw...

  • Monica Diaz covering lunch duty for a teacher who had an important errand to run!
  • Stephanie Meyers class in a circle sharing something they liked about another student in class!
  • Tamara Whitmire filling in at a meeting for a teacher who had to be off campus for training!
  • Several amazing teachers supporting one of our own, Coach Belcher, as his team played in the tournament!