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SUMMER TERM - WEEK 6 - Friday 5th June

Language Arts

Language Arts this week has been a true celebration of all that has been great in G4's writing this year.

The children have been writing reflections. It has been extremely revealing (and inspiring) to see their thinking about their G4 journey...and not just their successes but their struggles and trials too. The children have been expressing their reflections in different ways in letters to new teachers, poems to family members and 'ish' stories to their friends, to name but three!

It has been encouraging to us as teachers, to see the children applying their learning and expressing themselves with confidence, joy and freedom. Our writers are blossoming into authors more and more with each piece of writing.

Next week, we will continue with our celebration of writing by concluding our reflections writing unit AND we will culminate our drama unit with the opportunity to perform our skits in the HS Black Box Theatre.


This week the children have been creating their own tessellations by following a set of instructions (combining Maths and Language Arts!). It's harder than it looks actually, we had to be very precise and patient in our work.

Next week we will be reviewing our tests and revisiting areas for development before the summer starts.

Unit of Work (IPC)

This week our IPC lessons were a bit of a disaster! By this we mean that we focused on Extreme Weather events that cause great property damage and endanger lives. After reviewing a range of extreme weather situations that occur across our planet on a daily basis, the children were given the following challenge that they had to complete independently.

You are a brilliant inventor who has been hired by STARK INDUSTRIES to investigate ways to protect the people of planet Earth from extreme weather situations that occur unexpectedly. Your boss, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), wants you to design a transportable extreme weather protector that could fit into an easy to carry suitcase.

Materials you use to create this Extreme Weather Protector (EWP) must come from this world. The EWP must be straightforward for both adults and children to operate. It should also include first aid related materials, food and water provisions, and anything else you believe would be required during and after an extreme weather experience. You have an unlimited budget.

The children have studiously got on with their work on this new challenge. Tony Stark is happy with the progress they have made so far.

Home Learning for the Week Ahead - Term 3 Week 4

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Home Learning - Language Arts


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.


What is Joyfulness?

Joyfulness is being filled with happiness. It is a peaceful sense of well-being. Joy is inside us all. It comes from an appreciation for the gifts each day brings. Joy comes when we are doing what we know is right, and when we laugh and see the humor in things. Joy is the inner sense that can carry us through the hard times even when we are feeling very sad.

Why practice it?

Without inner joy, all our feelings are determined by what is happening to us. When things are going well, we feel glad. When things are going wrong, we feel bad. Without joyfulness, when the fun stops, our happiness stops. When we are joyful, things still happen to us, some good and some bad. If we are joyful, deep down we stay calm and serene. We look forward to things changing for the better.

How do you practice it?

Joyfulness is looking forward to your day, knowing it will be good. Whatever you are doing, do it with a joyful heart. Find ways to have fun in your work and your play. When good things happen to you, enjoy them fully. When sad things happen, let the sadness come and then let it go. Find the gift in what is happening - is this a way to become stronger? Something new to learn? Enjoy your life!

Coming Up

Our colleague, Antony Grigson, is one of five of our staff members that make up the singing group Elementary Undefined. Elementary Undefined will be performing next Tuesday night at the Goodwood Park Hotel as part of the SINGALA Fundraising Dinner This dinner, with performances, enables scholarships for outstanding students from disadvantaged backgrounds. You can make a pledge for Antony and the other performers of Elementary Undefined at the Elementary School Office.

Wednesday June 10 - Annual End of Year Reports go home

Friday June 12 - Term Ends (half day) - Grade 1 to Grade 6 dismissed at 12.20

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4GT Kerry Tremblay and Antony Grigson
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