Galileo Galilei


  • Was a physicist and astronomer
  • Invented the telescope and was the first to see other planets, the moon and the mountains on the moon.
  • Galileo Galilei believed the Copernicus theory and everyone else believed the church. The church said everything revolves around the Earth but Galileo is saying everything revolves around the sun.
  • Was accused of heresy but wasn't guilty but he had to never publish or say anything about the Copernicus theory.
  • In 1632 he published a book about the Copernicus theory being very correct and was accused but heresy again. This time he was guilty.
  • Galileo was supposed to go to jail for life but because of his age and health he just got house arrest.
  • Galileo Galilei died January 8th, 1642.

Galileo Galilei

Why he is a hero

He´s a hero because with out his bravery we might not of discovered that about the Earth. He was very smart and gave people good knowledge. It makes him important because any other person would've probably given up but he didn't He wanted to get his point across even if they weren't listening or didn't believe him. He just kept going and had so much information to back it up.