Protein Functions Project

Act as an Emulsifier

Chemically: Protein's Assigned Role

Proteins act as emulsifying agents, because of their amphoteric nature. Some amino acids are attracted to water; they’re hydrophilic. Other amino acids are repelled by water; they’re hydrophobic.

Foods with Specific Amino Acids


Bread (the result is dry if not made with emulsifiers. It becomes easier to stale without them)

Chocolate (to provide the right consistency of the chocolate)

Ice-Cream (added during the freezing process to provide a smoother texture)

Margarine (needed for stability, texture, and taste)

Processed Meat (distributes fat finely)

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Factors the Help Protein Perform.

By adding the presence of water or repelling the water. It can also happen when you heat it, beat it, or mix it up. What it has to be is that the components must be mixed up and not allowed to separate. You can add items such as egg yolk and mustard to not prevent the separation.

Factors the Inhibit the Protein

An emulsifier is used when you want to mix two components and keep them from separating. An examples would be if it's not heated properly the emulsion will not happen.