India migration to minnesota

Ravenstein's laws of migration

Most migration is rural to urban

Migrants traveling long distances usually settle in urban areas

Most migrants are adults, 20-34

Where they live in Minnesota and what they do for jobs

Most India migrants live in Minneapolis and St.Paul, with a few scattered throughout the rest of Minnesota. Many of them are highly educated, and come here to work high tech jobs.

Challenges they face

Some challenges they May face are speaking a new language, getting a job, finding somewhere to live, and getting used to really cold temperatures.

Push and pull factors

Push factors are

  • Unemployment
  • Water, sanitation, sewerage and electricity shortage
  • Almost 50 percent of the population live in slums
  • Lack of housing
  • India is an agricultural society but most people can't afford land
  • Vietnam aftermath

Pull factors are

  • Demand for high skilled workers in specialized fields
  • Education
  • Joining family members who already live here