The Hungry Games

By: Mia Shortt, 6B Reading

Come see the new movie by Mia Shortt, The Hungry Games

In The Hungry Games, the protagonist and main character is Katnip Arrowdeen. Katnip is from District Taco. She is 18 when she volunteers to enter The Hungry Games in place of her 80 year old grandmother, Oldhag Arrowdeen. The Antagonist and foil(not the bad guy) is Pitachip Foodark. Pitachip is also chosen from District Taco to be in The Hungry Games.

Movie Premire

Monday, April 7th, 12am

Random Pl

Palm Coast, FL

About the director

Mia Shortt is 11 and in the 6th grade at Plato Academy Clearwater. She is making this parody of The Hunger Games as an assignment from her reading teacher, Mrs. Davis. Mia lives in Clearwater, Florida with her parents; Edward Shortt and Daniela Lorenzo. She has an 8 year old brother, Daniel Shortt, who is in the 3rd grade at The Dunedin Academy of Math and Science. Mia loves to read, write, play the guitar/piano, and sing.

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Davis is a E.L.A. and Reading teacher. She is the one who assigned this project. She is married to a surgeon. She teaches at Plato Academy Clearwater.