Hawaiian Monk Seal



  • The Hawaiian Monk Seal is an aquatic mamal
  • That stay most of the time in the ocean
  • They live in Hawaii
  • Their are only about 1,200 left whitch is an extremley low amount
  • They have rubbery skin
  • adult males weight about 300-400 pounds and are 7 feet in length
  • Adult females weight 400-600 pounds and are 8 feet in length
  • They are part of the Phocidae family (NOAA)


The Hawaiian Monk Seal eats Fish, Cephalopods, Crustacean. it is hunted by humans. They don't have a HUGE impact on the food chain but are still needed. (NOAAR)


  • The Hawaiian Monk seal lives on Hawaii island located in America
  • It shares its time living between coast and ocean
  • The water temperature can range from 76-81 F
  • The temperature outside the water is also very warm
  • It is never cold (NOAA)


  • Hawaiian Monk Seals cant exactly defend themselves
  • most die because of oil spills and other human related activities
  • they have been killed by fishermen because of there oil, meet,and hides (NOAAR)


Some of the basic reasons Hawaiian Monk Seals are endangered are because:

  • Food limitations for younger seals
  • getting stuck in marine debris
  • human interference EX: ~getting stuck in fishing gear ~mother pup disturbance ~ exposure to diseases
  • Male aggression towards females
  • disease out break
What is being done to help:

  • fishermen and partners of NOAA are making a recovery plan for the Hawaiian Monk Seal
  • some public education campaigns are being done to raise awareness about the risk of extinction of Hawaiian Monk Seals (NOAAR)

Photo #1 NOAA via flickr

Photo #2 Brian Omura via flickr

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