Bring on 2014!

team BRIGHT December, 2013

What to watch for:

January has begun!

Celebrate and Connect is in February. If you haven't signed up yet there is a late fee of $5 January 13-21, 2014. If you cannot attend mine there should be plenty around your area, check by city and state. It is well worth the time. HO usually gives us an amenity which is coming up as a special to help us with our sales!!

PLEASE check TOT ( frequently for updates. They usually send you and email that is associated with your thirty one account, when there is something super important. That being said, PLEASE check your email too!!

National Conference 2014

Thirty One wants to make it affordable for everyone to go!! I will be in Ohio, as most of you will. This will be my fourth conference, each one has been better than the one before! Please consider going it will jump-start and/or recharge your business. It will show you what you can achieve.

Sales Statistics:

Team sales: $11.132.79

My sales: $1,539.69

Top sales:

Kathryn Matykowski: $1996.36

Jodi Dandridge: $694.86

Karen Barman: $663.97

Have to mention that Raquel Lindbeck had $554.96 and is a qualified consultant (meaning she has sold $1000) Now Karen Barman needs another recruit to promote to Sr. Consultant!!

New Team Members

No new members this month :-(

Be sure you are offering this awesome opportunity to others. You know what thirty one has done for you, it can do more and it could give someone the avenue they need to change their future.

January Monthly 101 US
Host a Party with Thirty-One!

2 Parties a month, 10 people at the party and 1 recruit/catalog!

The recipe for success is to party, party, party to make you happy, happy, happy! Slow and steady or full steam ahead!!! You hold the reins to your success. There are consultants in all of our areas. We have gained and lost customers. You just do what you can. We often have to step outside our "comfort zone" and approach strangers. Some people have "you have been spotted with thirty one" cards then offer 10% off they hand to people they see with 31 products. I don't do that but I do say to some "I spy 31" and it often starts a conversation. I ask if they have a consultant, if they do I say good, if they don't and got a gift or just "went to a party for a friend" out comes the mini and a pen and I offer it to them.

How else can you market? Can you post some minis at the grocery store on the bulletin board? Dry cleaners? Doctor? Dentist? Vet? Salon/spa? Blood Bank? Where can you leave catalogs?

I see thirty one where ever I go, I also meet people at every party who have never heard of it. There is a large number of people who have not been introduced to thirty one, let's find them!!


I have posted some training that our SED Valerie Brulet has posted. Often I am not getting these with a lot of warning and I am not sure why. Both she and Christina Taylor (my direct sponsor/Executive Director) have set office hours.

Do you get a chance to listen to 31 minute calls? What do you do to learn?

Some great books: "Eat that Frog" "The Energy Bus"

What books have you read for personal improvement/motivation that you can share with the team?