6th and 8th Grade Math

With Ms. Watkins

November 13, 2015

Office Hours (math help after school)

*** No Monday Office Hours this week due to Parent Teacher Conferences.

Monday's 3:15-4:00 in room 403 with Ms. Watkins

Wednesday's 3:15-4:00 in room 401 with Miss Brockman.

** There will be no office hours with me on Monday, November 16th due to parent teacher conferences

This is a time when students may come in and begin their homework, work on reassessment, or just receive additional help with math. All middle school students are welcome to come to either or both office hours.


  1. Work on math material first.
  2. Keep voices down so that everyone can focus on their own material.
  3. If a student wants or needs a snack, it must be nut free.

Middle School Math Reassessment Policy

If your child wishes to reassess in Math they must meet with their teacher before or after school within one week of receiving the assessment in the red folder. For example, if red folders are sent home on Friday, your child has until the following Friday to meet with me. During this meeting your child will develop an individual plan with me to determine how they will be reassessed. Reassessments must be completed within one week of meeting with me.

6th Grade Math

Our week began with reviewing and practicing multiplying and dividing fractions. The quiz on multiplying and dividing fractions was on Tuesday. Tuesday nights homework was to watch a video I made that introduced how to find the percent of a number. On Wednesday we talked about finding the percent of a number (6.4) using decimal multiplication and fraction multiplication. After reviewing that and going over the practice problems from the video I went on to how to find the percent of a number using mental math. We talked about how to find 100%, 50%, 10% and 1% from there we talked about how to use addition, subtraction, or multiplication to find the percent of a number. Thursday for the first part of class I passed back the two quizzes from chapter 3 so that students could look over them and determine what they knew and what they needed more work with. I led the class in a activity where they looked for the math terms in students written responses from the 3.4-3.5 quiz. After this they were given material that would help them review and prepare for the test. The chapter 3 and 6.4 with a test concluded our week. Next week we will begin a new unit (expressions and equations). I will be talking about evaluating expressions on Monday, solving one step equations with addition or subtraction on Tuesday, and solving one step equations with multiplication or division on Wednesday. Thursday I will have time for review and additional practice with these concepts before students take a formative assessment on the material. I will use that quiz to determine what to reteach/review when students come back from Thanksgiving break.

8th Grade Math

Monday and Tuesday's classes will focused on thinking through and solving distance-rate-time problems. On Wednesday I provided more direct instruction around homework questions with problem solving for the first part of class. In the second half of class students worked on their red glass visual model. Thursday students took a formative assessment on problem solving (they were not aware of this). I will be using that assessment to address gaps in understanding and provide reteaching. We did not have class on Friday. Next week I will spend part of Monday going over solving equations (quiz 3.1-3.4). Tuesday I will revisit problem solving. On thursday there will be an assessment on concepts from 3.1-3.6. The remainder of the class time will be spent working on the red glass visual model which is due by the end of class on Friday.