Abby Hogan

Kind hearted.

My goals:

1) I want to become an architect.(Or a programmer)

2) I want to graduate college.

3) I want to be a leader to others.


December 4th 2001


Favorite food:

Hotdog/Cheese burger

Favorite sport:

Favorite Subject:

Favorite song:

Nothing really matters- Mr.Probz (Kav Verhouzer Remix)

Favorite Movie:

Favorite book:
The Warriors series (Warrior Cats)

My Family:

My little sister

My mom

My dad

My grandma

My aunt

My uncle

What I'm proud of:

I'm proud of my skills in art and French Horn.

When I'm not in school I like to:

1) Draw

2) Practice French Horn

3) Play on my computer/Xbox

4) Read