Summer 2015

Sydney Wilson

Girls' Camp

I started off my summer by camping at Camp Grady Spruce with a bunch of other girls from my church. Being the Youth Camp Leaders, me and my friend, Jaiden, taught younger girls about signaling for help and observing nature. The week was hot, but a great experience. I left about a day early so I could spend another night or two with my mom before she got remarried that Saturday.

The Traveling Begins!

The following Wednesday, I flew out to Utah to spend a few days with my mom's side of the family before meeting up with my dad halfway through to finish off my stay with some of his side. With my mom's sister and family, we went to Lagoon. I did a lot of hiking and spent the last few hours with my cousins on my dad's side before flying home.

Happy 4th(:

On the fourth of July, instead of barbecuing and watching fireworks (though we still barbecued), my family spent our holiday at the hospital. We gained a new addition to our family. Brayden Howard Gornstein was born at 8:07 PM that night. He is adorable and we all love him!


July 10, my mom and I made a road trip out to Kentucky to meet up with my best friend so we could go to a church camp together. From the 13-18, we spent time with our company, or "family", learning more about the gospel and strengthening our faith. There were dances, games, laughing, and crying. We met some amazing people and created unforgettable memories.

Summer 2016

Next June, I am excited to go to Hawaii again with my family. It will be my third time to visit, but first time since 4th grade. It is such a beautiful state and has many activities to do. Some that we have done before include, horseback riding, surfing, a luau, and hula lessons.
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