Women's Discrimination and Rights

Relative to the novel " Make Lemonade"

Women Discrimination:

Discrimination, against women, has been going on for a while. It has gotten better, though. The majority of the population that have jobs are mostly men, because they are stronger, but that doesn't mean that women are weak. They should be able to do the same works that men do. For example, men and women have separate sports. Women's basketball, women's baseball, and many others. Women aren't allowed to be on sport leagues with men, because people are afraid that the women will get hurt. That's a possibility, but if women are so strong that they would be able to play with the guys, then shouldn't they be able to?
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Discrimination Against Women in Past Years:

Back in the mid 1900's, around 1960, women were considered the weaker gender. Many of them didn't have jobs because the men were always taking over. While the women were the housewives, men were the " lumberjacks of economy". They worked for the money, while the women cleaned all day. This shaped America to become a society where the men were more important than the women. This discrimination also affect America by the decrease in money. If more people had jobs, they'd be getting a whole lot more money.

Currently, in America...:

There is still women discrimination going on, in America, today. For example, most people think of girls as just girls. They think that they wouldn't want to hang out with guys and do what they do. Totally wrong! Some girls like going out with the bros and hanging with them, and just doing what guys do. If they're not like that, then they're not like that. So, not all girls should be discriminated for that. Also, men are still doing most of the hard work, but women do have jobs. Many women do, but they still get stuck with doing the cleaning, the cooking, the washing, and, sometimes, the bills. The men help out, once in a while, but the women are doing it the most.

World Discrimination in Today's World:

There is definitely discrimination, in America, but there is also discrimination throughout the world. Take, for example, football. Women aren't allowed to play football with the men, in professional sports. That;s because, basically, everyone thinks that women are very weak, but they're actually not, but people still think that so, they can't play.

Judging in Schools:

In middle school, there is much drama. Many kids are being hurt, verbally, or just being mad or mean to other kids. When it comes to women, though, it gets a whole lot worse. Many of the girls are beating down on other girls. Maybe because they're too tall, too short, not as pretty as you'd like them to be, there's a whole lot of reasons for this mutiny.

Women's Rights:

Women, for so long, have not had as much rights as men. They've been put down by many people. In the 1900's, women didn't have jobs that paid them. They stayed home and were housewives and mothers all day long. They did all the cooking, cleaning, washing, and everything else that involves housework. In the late 1900's, around 1970, women have gained more rights than they ever had. They got the right to vote, in 1919, and they got the right to have working pay jobs, in the late 60's/early 70's. In the year 2000 and on, women were happier than ever with the rights that they had. Even though women don't have as many rights as men, they still have rights, which is pretty good.

Women's Rights in the 1900's:

Back in the 1900's, women had rights, but not as many rights as men did. They weren't allowed to have jobs. Motherhood, and wife hood were considered their most significant professions. Later on, however, they won the right to vote and the right to have jobs, and continue their education.

And Now...:

Nowadays, women have equal rights, as do men, and they are proud of it. They have jobs, they can vote, they don't have to be housewives, and they are not as discriminated against, but, unfortunately, still are. Even though women have equal rights, they're still discriminated against. People think that women are not as strong as men, but some of them are, and they still don't really think that's true so, women aren't allowed to play any professional sport with men.

And Now, Around the World:

Women have many rights around the world, but there are some places where a women is barely allowed to do anything. In Saudi Arabia, women have very few rights. They can't go outside without a man with them, they can't show any part of their body, except for their face, and they can't be taught how to read or have an actual education. They've recently been allowed to ride bikes, but, even then, it's still not fair to them.

The Women who are Fighting for their Rights:

In past years, there were people fighting for our country, and there still are. The women who fought for the right to vote, were Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. They made a campaign that was supporting women's right to vote, and it eventually happened. Today, there are people in America who are fighting for our freedom in war, men and women, and there are women, also, fighting for there rights. Rosa Parks was, also, one who fought for women's rights by not giving up her seat to a white person, on the bus.

Novel Connections:

In the novel "Make Lemonade," There are five characters. Jolly is one that doesn't have much money, and she has two kids. Jeremy and Jilly. She's only 17, but she has a babysitter for her, while she goes to work everyday. The babysitter's name is LaVaughn. She is a huge help to Jolly, because, one, she cleaned their house and, two, she is always willing to be there whenever she can.

Make Lemonade Connections:

Just like women had to be housewives, back in the early to mid 1990's, Jolly had to go to work everyday, while LaVaughn babysat her two kids, Jilly and Jeremy.