The Golden Times.



Lyra: A 13 year old girl who is destined to save the world, and grew up at Jordan college.

Roger: Lyra's friend who was also taken by the gobblers.

Lord Faa: Gyptian leader who helps Lyra on her adventure.

Sarahfina: A witch who also helps Lyra on her adventure

Pan: Lyra's daemon.

Iorek: A polar bear who later becomes King.


Lyra grows up at Jordan college but when children stealing gobblers come she lives with ms.coulter. When lyra runs away she goes to the north to with her demon pantateamon to rescue the stolen children she is also in the possession of the golden compass: a tool used to get any answers. Everyone believes she is destined to save the world. She is then kidnaped by the gobblers and she finds out that they want to disconnect children from there gobblers. Lyra escapes with her friends but is then attacked and Lyra gets lost, she is then taken prisoner by bears but Iorek fights the bear king and wins! yay! Iorek is crowned king. Lyra wants to give the Golden Compass to Lord Asriel so he can basically open up a portal to another world. The story ends by Lord asriel declaring he is going to save the world from sin and he goes to another world with Lyra and Pan(panatimon)


Gobblers want to disconnect demons from children.

Lyra wants to save her friend from them and ends up saving everyone from them.

Quotation Explanation

Never! Never! Never! she cried and backed against the wall to defend him to the death.

I chose this quote because it shown Lyra's love for Pan and that she will never let them tear them apart like the other children.

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I would give this book a 3 1/2 because when ever I was reading it I liked it but I always wanted to read something else. I did like the fact that the main character was my age because i can relate to how she feels some of the time about not wanting to grow up.

The author could have put more background info. about the demons and witches because it would be much easier to understand.