Hilda DeLaRosa

Have you ever wonder how BFF'S work,well 1 thing for shore they dont all work the same. Sometimes when we go shoping we DON'T buy the same clothes . Now when we sleep over, we talk abaout boys,and girls we do &DON'T like. Now how to keep a best friend if yall have a problem DON'T try to find some one else just go and apologis.

When she likes a guy try to persuade her well try to talk her in to it so they will talk. Going bak to sleep overs the smell of the pizza fells up my house and making us fell verry happy and hearing my mom screaming "PIZZA IS HERE!!!!" :) when we're at the mall that FRESH air air when we open the WIDE doors and you see all the butifull clothes you just dont know wich store to go first.......... :)