Macbeth Act 1 Scene 1


The Play VS. The Films

In the actual play of Macbeth the witches are described to be horribly ugly with beards. They are also have said to be in some type of an outside environment, and the tone of the scene is creepy and strange. In Polanski's 1971 version the witches are outside, and the tone of the movie is identical to the tone of the original play, also they seem to be casting some type of spell. One of the only diffrences I noticed was that the witches did not have beards. In Goold's version, the scene is totally different. The witches are nurses in a hospital and seem to be doing something with the blood and hart of a dead soldier, also the witches are not ugly and they look almost identical to each other. These differences drastically affected the way one viewed the play. Goold's version seems to take on a more horror like atmosphere, while planski's version is like the beginning of a folk tale. This makes it vary evident that Polanski's version is the most accurate to the text, and also shows how Goold tried to put his own unique twist on the play.