Counseling Corner

Monthly Update

January Recap

New Year, new fun! We hope you all have had a fun, exciting New Year. It certainly has been in the Counseling Department. Despite the snow/ice, we had a super busy month. Our Monthly Lessons for January in our primary grades focused on Habit #5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood as we learned how to tame our Tattle Tongue! In Third & Fourth Grade we talked all about Habit #6: Synergize! We learned that Teamwork isn't always "our thing" but we GET TO work with others each and every day! Finally, our Fifth Graders learned all about SMART Goals as they Begin With the End In Mind and prepare to be 6th graders next year.

We appreciate your willingness to share your class time and allow us to see your students each month!

Your Students Said What?

Synergizing as told by 4th Graders:

1. Why is Working Together Better?

Things get done faster!

We get to work with others.

Everyone shares the work.

We all share the same goal.

2. How is Synergizing hard?

People can be bossy.

Because you have to work with people even if you don't like them.

You have to come to an agreement.

People have different ideas & opinions.

Some people are awkward.

Some people are mean and some are crazy.

3. How can we become better at Synergizing in our classroom?

We can share and help one another.

To learn with other people & be nicer.

Calm down & focus.

We can practice sharing, using our strengths, & respecting others.

By talking to each other.

Sometimes we can be the bigger person.

By saying what we are WILLING to do, not just what we WANT to do.

Looking for other people's strengths, not weaknesses.

By listening to each other.

Mrs. Beasley's January Activities:

Classroom Guidance: 32 classes; 21 hours

Individual Counseling: 35 individuals; 13 hours

Group Counseling: 4 groups; 3 hours

Consultations: 29 consultees; 9 hours

Meetings/Trainings: 14 meetings/trainings

Mrs. Genoble's January Activities:

Classroom Lessons: 13 classes; 7.5 hours

Individual Counseling: 15 individuals; 3.5 hours

Small Groups: 1 group; 40 minutes

Consultations: 12 consultations; 1.5 hours

Meetings/Trainings: 8 meetings

February Happenings!

Monthly Classroom Lessons

K&1: We are going to be fine tuning our Listening Skills and focuses on Habit #5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood!

2-4: Because you are never too old to become a better listener, we will also be working on our Listening Skills and working on Habit #5.

5: We are learning how to become independent learners in preparation for Middle School. Our lessons will focus on finding out what our Learning Style is and how we can use it at home and in our classroom!

Small Group Counseling

We are SO excited about our Spring Groups! We have a full schedule of fun and learning.

5th Grade Academic Groups meet on Mondays & Fridays at 8am. We have already met for the first time and things are off to a great start!

4th Grade Academic Group meets on Thursday from 11:20-11:55. We have met three times now, and things are going great!

3rd Grade Academic Group meeting will be announced soon!

Social Groups:

We will be starting our Anger Groups at the end of February/early March. These groups are only 8 sessions. We will be working with each grade level to coordinate a convenient time & finalize student selections!

5th Grade Middle School Update

Mrs. Beasley is working to coordinate the student visits to Fisher Middle & Mauldin Middle. Please be on the look out for an email with more information!

Kindness Week

Be on the look out for a very important email from Dr. Spinks giving you all of the information for Mauldin Elementary's inaugural Kindness Week!

School Counseling Advisory Council

We will be having our Spring School Counseling meeting on February 8th at 12:30pm. We will be discussing data collected from the Fall, Fall semester activities & offerings, and what we have in store for the spring semester!