By: Pavlo


Atomic Mass: 9.012

Atomic Radius : 1.12 A

Density: 1.85 Grams

Melting Point: 2,345 F

Boiling Point: 5,375 F

At Room temp the object is Solid

Appearance: Silver Diamond

Conductivity: Yes

Malleability: Yes

Hardness: Metal Hard

Chemical Properties

Flammability: Yes it ignites it's surrounding

Reactivity: Becomes reactive to water

Protons: 4

Neutrons: 5

Electrons: 1,2


When was it discovered: 1797

Where was it discovered: France

Who discovered it: Louis Vanquelin

Why/How: Discovered in oxide form in both beryl and emeralds

Element Apllications & Uses

1. In what ways is Beryllium most used for?

Used as an alloying agent in producing Beryllium.

2. Element form specific.

Hydrides and hydrogen

Name and Symbol

It was suppose to be named glucinum by Friedrich Wohler.



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