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Monarch Madness

Akhenaten's Realism

As most of you know, Akhenaten wants all of his statues made realistically. This is crazy! All pharaohs have had their statues unrealistically. We all know that Thutmose I wasn't exactly "pretty". Now Akhenaten isn't the most handsome man, but still! This is ridiculous. More on this breaking story soon.

Religious Wreckage

Does everybody like the polytheism religion? Well, apparently Akhenaten doesn't! He is changing the religion to Monotheism! Yes, you heard it here first. He is ordering everyone to only worship Aten, the sun. How do you feel about this? Many riots have already been started. It could plunge us into anarchy! Hopefully it will be changed back soon.

Job Openings and Sales

Looking For Help on the Farm

I need a help on the farm. I have a lot of crops and I can't take care of them all. It pays well and comes with a free place to sleep on the farm. I would really appreciate the help. Just come down to the third farm on the outskirts of town.

Jeweler Openings

Recently one of our jewelers had a little accident and can't work anymore. Looking for someone who can make rings and necklaces. Come down to Julie's Jewelry to apply. We'll get back to you in three to five days.
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Cow For Sale!

I'm selling my cow. I need a buyer quickly. starting at 50 bushels of wheat. Please buy quickly. She will produce milk for you if you take care of her. Please do not kill her for meat until she is very old and cannot produce milk.
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New Art and Statues


That's right, folks. We got some new, exclusive art. They were just made by sculptors and painters. They are very interesting pieces of art.

International News


Recently there has been an earthquake in Troy. Many houses have been destroyed. Many lives were lost. It was a very tragic scene.

Wheat Production

Recently the flood season has ended and wheat production is coming back up. Wheat is a lot cheaper now that we have more of it. Remember to say "thank you" to your local farmers.

Peace Treaty!

Recently Akhenaten has proposed a peace treaty to the Hittites. However, sadly, they have declined it. They are one of our enemies and it would have been good to be at peace with them.