Music in the 1920's & More!

By: Jessica Michelle Orellana


In the early 1920's in order to listen to music many people had to buy their own sheet music and listen to the latest hits themselves.There was no other way.By this time women had the right to vote and were declaring their independence.


Zion,Illinois ban jazz performances and labels them "sinful."Pianist James P. Johnson records the,"Harlem Stunt" and "Carolina Shout,"which were the earliest stride piano recordings in New York.

Historical Events From the 1921's

Adolf Hitler is elected as leader of the Nazi Party.Meanwhile there is a crisis surrounding German war reparations.


Pianist Fats Waller makes his first recordings.On the other hand Ragtime publisher John Stark goes out of business; which means the end of Ragtime.Next, Race records are created, marketing and categorizing music by the race of the performers.Then, Louis Armstrong moves to Chicago to join King Oliver's band.


Cornetist King Oliver's band, which includes Louis Armstrong on trumpet and Armstrong's wife Lil Hardin on piano, makes its first recordings including Dippermouth Blues.Meanwhile, Bandleader Elmer Snowden's Washingtonians performs in New York with Duke Ellington on the piano.

Historical Events in the 1923's

Earthquake in Tokyo kills 100,000 people.


Duke Ellington makes his first recordings as leader of the Washingtonians.While, Louis Armstrong moves to New York to work with Fletcher Henderson.Coleman Hawkins play alongside Louis Armstrong in the Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra, and his sax playing significantly evolves.


Blues singer Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong recorded a classic version of W.C. Handy's St.Louis Blues for Columbia Records.Louis also makes his first recordings with his group, the Hot Five.On the other hand, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band break up.


Louis Armstrong launches a huge hit and pioneers leave singing with his first original composition,Heebie Jeebies,featuring his Hot Five.Also, Bandleader Fletcher Henderson's group records with with saxophonist Coleman Hawkins.


Louis Armstrong makes his first recordings with his Hot Seven, which was his Hot Five plus drums and tuba.This is while, pianist and bandleader Duke Ellington begins residency at the Cotton Club in Harlem, increasing the band from six to eleven members.


Clarinetist Benny Goodman makes his first recordings.


Fats Waller participates in a mixed-race recording session in which he is forced to play behind a screen to separate him from the white musicians.Also, the film St.Louis Blues about the life of pianist W.C. Handy is released, featuring blues singer Bessie Smith,Handy as musical director, and pianist James P.Johnson's band.

How do historical events and inventions influential to the world of music during the 1930's?

Inventions are so influential to music because they mark a difference in the way music is communicated to the world.They improve music and make it better so that people can enjoy it.Historical events are very important in the world of music because many musicians lived through many things just to get music out to people.Things like segregation marked history in music.Musicians went through things like segregation but persevered and are the reason why we have music today.

Some Musicians who inspired the whole world

Now to a different time in Music History...



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Some Musicians that impacted Traditional Pop

Ella Fitzgerald

A women who marked music history and inspired women not only around her but all over the world.

"Don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is Love and Inspiration I don't think you can go wrong."

-Ella Fitzgerald

Frank Sinatra

A crooner who was a lady's man, and just put the style in his singing.He was a very inspiring man who changed his point of view on Elvis Presley.

"The best revenge is massive success."

-Frank Sinatra

"Don't hide your scars they make you who you are."

-Frank Sinatra

1960's Traditional Pop

Traditional Pop

  • The Jackson Five was introduced and was a great hit
  • Michael Jackson showed himself as a soloist
  • People loved Michael Jackson and he became well known by many people

Late 1950's-1960's : Decline of Traditional Pop

Many stars of traditional pop faded and welcomed the rebirth of "swing music." Stars moved on to Vocal Jazz and "Swing Music."

1960's to 1970's

Since rock and roll was popular in the 1950's, what baby boomers considered as their parent's music, traditional pop was pushed aside.


Pop was filled with many talented artists some of them being:

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Diana Ross
  3. Whitney Houston
  4. Prince
  5. Janet Jackson
  6. Madonna


Known Artists During this Period

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. The Spice Girls
  3. Backstreet Boys
  4. *NSYNC
  5. 98 Degrees
  6. Hanson
  7. Christina Aguilera
  8. Britney Spears
  9. Jennifer Lopez
  10. Destiny's Child
  11. Generation Y
  12. Cyndi Lauper
And many others!!!


Music in the 2000s

Teen pop was still really famous. Two popular artists during the time were Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. With hits such as "Oops!...I Did It Again" by Britney Spears and "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" by Christina Aguilera.

Traditional Pop in 2001

Teen pop soon faded due to more modern R&B and Hip-Hop influencing music that lead to controlling the middle of the decade. Britney Spear's new album "Britney" and Christina Aguilera's 2002 album "Stripped" showed the transitioning of teen pop to more grown-up, modern R&B influenced recordings.

Artists Popular in the 2000s

  • Boy Bands- but faded after 9/11
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Jesse McCartney
  • Justin Timberlake
  • V Factory
  • Varsity Fanclub
  • Click 5ive
  • NLT
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Destiny's Child
  • Pussycat Dolls
  • Danity Kane
  • Sugababes
  • Pink
  • Anastacia
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Mariah Carey
  • Nelly Furtado
  • Lady Gaga
  • Cheetah Girls
  • Hilary Duff
  • Selena Gomez & the Scene
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Raven Symone
  • Rihanna
  • Lumidee
  • Flo Rida
  • Aaron Carter
  • Beyonce

Flo Rida - Right Round

Lady Gaga - Poker Face

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason

Oh, and FYI Always Remember this.....

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